Aegis Centre for Entrepreneurship

Aegis brings together global best practices in incubation to help businesses that will shape an even newer India


Our entrepreneurial founders

This means that startups have full access to people who have build large companies from scratch.

Experienced professionals

ACE is perhaps the only one in India being managed completely by a professional management, under guidance from a team of advisors from successful Indian and global incubators.

World class Incubation Program

The combination of co-working, dedicated mentoring, entrepreneurial business education and access to funding makes ACE one of the most futuristic incubators in India. We call it Incubation 2.0!


ACE has partnered with numerous academic and business institutions and leverages them to provide the best services to startups


Expert Mentoring

Use our pool of expert mentors, investors and entrepreneurs to learn, share and imbibe business knowledge and practical aspects of startup development

Networking Opportunities

Expand your network with invaluable networking opportunities with VCs, CEOs, industry experts and entrepreneurs.

Pitch Practice

Learn how to pitch perfectly to investors. Practice and Perfect your startup pitch with the help of mentors and other experts who have successfully pitched their ideas to investors.

Financial Strategies

Learn skills on how to create financial plans and business documents to get sufficient investments, selecting correct exit strategies and making your business profitable.

Business Planning

Learn how to build a self sustaining business, going from prototype to finished product and turning your idea into a profitable company.

Other Services

How to set up your company, determining the legal structure of your company and find out about mistakes to avoid while starting a new business.


12+ Startups
94% Active
75% Raised Funding
Strong Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are highly selective in our eligibility criteria and for us, a strong team is as important, if not more, than the idea itself. All our startups are given individual attention and given the proper resources to flourish. 

Our mentors are in this with each startup for the long haul and we expect the same from each and every startup. We leave no stone unturned in trying to help all our startups reach a level of self sustainability and graduate from ACE.

So if you think that your idea has some traction then Reach Out To US!!

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Our mentors are successful entrepreneurs and successful CEOs/COOs at big corporate organisations. They have considerable experience and are industry experts; thus providing incoming entrepreneurs and startups with immense business knowledge.

Mentor relationships with some of the top investors ensures access to some of the most amazing opportunities if you are making something AMAZING!! We ensure that you never look behind.

Our mentors are carefully selected and are there to help you succeed in the long haul.

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20+ Mentors
Successful Entrepreneurs
General and Domain Specific Mentors
Access to Angel Investors


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